Types of Translations

General and Specialised Translation

The Polish Guide offers both, general translation (birth/marriage/death certificates, diplomas, contracts, official letters, correspondence, etc.) and specialized translation (in the field: business, marketing, economics, law, tourism, hospitality, travel, sports, etc.)

Certified Translation 

A ‘certified translator’, as understood in some other countries, where only translators certified by the state are allowed to translate official documents such as birth certificates and degree certificates, does not exist in the UK. The equivalent of that kind of translation is a certified translation, recognized by employers and most British institutions including offices, universities, schools, banks and insurance companies. 

Types of translated documents that may require certification are numerous and examples commonly requested include: birth/marriage/divorce/death certificates, academic diplomas and credentials, official transcripts, such as school/work/medical reports; regulatory documents, such as power of attorney, contracts, etc.

Each certified translation is accompanied by a certifying clause confirming that the translation was carried out
by a professional translator and the translated text is a true and accurate version of the original document. 

Each page of the translation and the copy of the original document are all dated, signed and stamped
by our translator. 

In order to produce a certified translation it is imperative for you to provide the original document or a certified copy of it by recorded delivery. Completed certified translation projects are forwarded only by recorded delivery.

Confidentiality. Any document or text is confidential for us. The same applies to data such as names, addresses and phone numbers.
They are used solely for the execution of the order by The Polish Guide Translations and are never disclosed to any third parties.

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