Price List

Factors that affect the price of translation: 

  • source and target languages,
  • difficulty of translation,
  • number of characters/words/pages,
  • deadline. 


The basis for determining the price of translation is a page (1500 characters including punctuation and spaces)
of the target text/translated text (based on the text editor statistics). The total price of translation is determined
by the number of pages of the final translation

Translation from English into Polish

- general translation* basic price £10 (GBP)  
- specialized translation** basic price + 20%
- certified translation basic price + 30% + postage***

Translation from Polish into English

- general translation* basic price: £15 (GBP)  
- specialized translation** basic price + 20%
- certified translation basic price + 30% + postage***
 * General translations include documents such as: marriage/birth/death certificates, diplomas,
contracts, certificates, official letters, correspondence, etc.
 ** specialized translations are: non-standard texts/documents, professional literature in medicine, technology, law, judiciary, business, marketing, economics, tourism and hospitality, catering,
travel, sports, etc.
*** according to Royal Mail prices.

Terms of translation

- translation in normal mode (up to 3 pages a day) free of charge
- urgent translation (up to 6 pages a day) basic price + 40%

 Translation of English literature

- literature for children, teenagers and adults translation rates are set individually

Technical Details

Form of supplied documents 

  • text of each delivered document must be legible.

Terms of accepting and execution of orders 

  • normally we do not include Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and public holidays to the date of the order completion. A specific time limit for completion is always fixed before accepting the order
  • we accept orders until 17:00 from Monday to Friday.  
  • if the translation is done in less than expected, the customer does not incur any additional charges
    related to this.


Payments can be made in 3 ways: 

  • using PayPal, 
  • bank transfer in British Pounds Sterling (English account), 
  • bank transfer in Polish Zlotys (Polish account).

We accept only payment in advance. 

We send all payment details to each client after receiving the confirmation of his choice of payment method.  


The Polish Guide is a registered company in the UK.
No VAT registration.
The above prices are final. 

Confidentiality. Any document or text is confidential for us. The same applies to data such as names, addresses and phone numbers.
They are used solely for the execution of the order by The Polish Guide Translations and are never disclosed to any third parties.

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