Legal Documents

  • written agreements under civil law, 
  • petitions, statements of claim, 
  • interpretation of the Judgments, 
  • court orders, 
  • decisions and administrative certificates,
  • insurance policies, 
  • credit documents, 
  • tender dossier, 
  • applications, certificates, forms, 
  • deeds.

Medical Texts

  • medical periodicals, 
  • medical reports and test results, 
  • texts on medicine and related fields,
    such as dentistry,
  • catalogues with medical items, mail shots, promotional materials, presentations of medical products, 
  • documentation of clinical tests, 
  • prescriptions, contracts, patents.

Diplomas, Certificates, Personal Documents

  • school leaving certificates, 
  • diplomas, 
  • certificates, 
  • copies, 
  • curricula vitae, 
  • passports, 
  • cards.

Marketing, Advertising, Web Sites

  • advertising texts, 
  • advertising brochures, 
  • commercial presentations, 
  • press releases, 
  • product descriptions, 
  • training manuals.

Corporate and Official Correspondence

  • agreements and contracts,
  • reports, 
  • financial statements, 
  • course materials, 
  • application documents,
  • business correspondence.

Literary Work

  • translation of English literature for children, teenagers and adults.

Confidentiality. Any document or text is confidential for us. The same applies to data such as names, addresses and phone numbers.
They are used solely for the execution of the order by The Polish Guide Translations and are never disclosed to any third parties.

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